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Website designed by FORMA-PROIECT © Copyright FORMA-PROIECT  SRL. 2017 About Us Home / About / History Visions Customer orientation. We strive every time for providing  high level solutions which fully meet the  goals of the project at the established  deadline.  Quality service We carefully consider each detail  of the customer issues and based on this  we elaborate several suitable solutions,  anyway we take responsibility for advicing  our customers about that solution which  can fit the best. Successful product Good products are those which are  simultaneously: functional and ergonomic,  have positive social impact and commercial  success, have technologically optimised  construction and keep budget limits.  Bringing all these meanings together could  be an utopian intention, but not impossible  in our opinion.  Being a small size company creates  several advantages to work with us:  Exclusion of any bureaucratic  barriers in the communication with  our customers.  Flexibility for the team to be oriented  mainly for satisfying of our client  needs.  Best price in Europe for the design  service.  Our Experiences: 3D CAD experience more than 15  years. Mould-design and machinery products experience more than 10 years. Product design and development experience more than 5 years. Experience of work for EU customers more than 7 years. Advantages       FORMA-PROIECT srl was  restructured in 2010 with the support of      U. Eitner Formenbau, a german  manufacturer which is concerned in mass  production and small series of plastic parts   and unique metal parts and moulds as well.  Thanks to the support of the german  company and simultaneously becoming a  part of it, FORMA-PROIECT became to act  as an outsourcing mold-design office.  Based on this setup the company oriented  as a qualified design service provider in the  order to bring real solutions for customers’  needs.  Gathering a quite wide range of  experience in plastic injection technology,  but also the presence of the industrial  design background at the managing director  of the company facilitated the start for  plastic part and product design services as  well as product development service.  In present the company ideology is  based on continuous improvement of the  already consolidated fields of activities as  well as to be open minded for new  discoveries and development in other  related fields in the order to widen the  design service creativity and capabilities  and to be always ready for new challenges.