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These are some of the Industrial Design proposals which we have done. Industrial Design Industrial Design refers to the shape and function of the product and its relation between user and the environment. It is a process of the development of ideas and concepts and of optimisation of appearance of the products by focusing on aesthetics and improving the function and value through the prism of ergonomics. Even if it is a creative process consists of design sketching and model making, it has a lot of analytical researches (ex. market, product research, usability etc, ), but also it can include such aspects like emotional impact, psychology and moral value of the product. Page: Page: Industrial Design / Desk Lamp. An idea how the one lamp could be transformed in several different forms, getting the needed lampshade for a certain lighting needs which are usually exists in house and office life. Transport for children. A transportation concept which was created to bring the joy and fun for children while driving. The toy-vehicle has functional design which allows the toy to be transformed and easily packed in the house storage Tractor Valtec hood design. The redesign proposal for tractor engine hood offered to Valtec Group. Solar Powered Headset. Were elaborated with the purpose to overcome the performance limitations of time use and energetic efficiency while listening to the radio or enjoying music, being connected to electronic audio equipment.The headset represents a type of on ear, headband design headphones with incorporated flexible amorphous silicon solar cells. There are several articles published on the web about it, for example at Pen Design. Several Design proposals were created for a pen production company Meisenbach GmbH.