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These are some of the Technical Design works which we have done. Technical Design This field of design activity is related to technological, constructive, functional and reliable aspects of a product. It is related more to engineering than to  aesthetics and it has a high number of applications in diverse industry fields.   Working at Technical Design projects, we mainly take into consideration such factors as: requirements for applied or existing loads, functions,  environment, technological possibility and budget limits, thus we establish the delivery of real working solutions for your engineering needs such as  different mechanical components and units also metal sheet and metal profile constructions, and many others.  Page: Page: Transmission Block. For the big parts and housings, which cannot be properly placed direclty on the machining table under the drilling tool, but need some machining on interior side, was designed a transmission block for such reasons. Customer U.Eitner Formenbau GmbH Reverse engineering. A milling tool reproduced for in-house use from a 3D scanned mesh which was optimised in CAD software later on. Tool Locker for cutting, drilling and other machinning tools. The goal was to design a construction as cheap as possible with maximum quantity of the kept tools. Customer U.Eitner Formenbau GmbH. Fixing Device. A fixing system was elaborated In order to fix precisely and toughly several aluminum profile standard parts in the same time for drilling them on the CNC machine with horizontal placement of the tool. Support base for cleaning process of the sheaves. Technologicaly simply and stable shape, but also maximum opened for front high preassure cleaning nozzles. Customer Metaldyne GmbH.